Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spiders Ball- Poetry Prose

Spider Pictures

Just after dark when human life quiets down
In the darkest corner, rural life to city shed
A most amazing site
past tools, trash, and bike

Instruments of the smallest proportion
tables, drink, food, all vegan of course!
Making moonlight dance to the nuttiest
most swingin’ of sounds

Violins, piano, harp, a set of walnut drums
Crafted from human discard
Tiny spectacular mounds

At springs new day, once a year
With intention to dance and play
Not so true as we have all been told
All sorts of creatures will gather
in friendly fold

Tired, hungry from the cold’s long plight
Ready to eat, drink, laugh until morning light

The band starts warming up as guest start to call
No one gets in unless they have been invited
To the craziest of gatherings…The Spiders Ball

Outside many wait in line
Mr. Beetle tells jokes
A lizard dressed in a Zoot suit
Bright yellow, matching hat and white shoes
Mrs. Mole as scolds Jr. as he is...
blowing spit wads at the others behind

Old wise owl, Mr. Barr, whoooooo never misses a beat
Or any party, brought the best dancers,
Suzy Snake, because she is so light on her feet

Betsy and Bailey Bunny were summoned to the party
they began rounding up the family
As all ten bunnies are hopping about

Others had come from as far away as you can imagine
Country mice, birds, two to four legged creatures
and many of their kin
Many, many small creatures
in no way will harm or offend

In the highest of places
waits the their host, Maestro
with the silliest of grins
Honored to be the big grand daddy of them all

If any wonder why a spider started this ball
Then listen in closely as I explain

From the beginning of time, Mother Arachne
the first spider to grace this earth
worked from morning till night
developing fine webs of beauty and inspiration
never stopping except to have a bite

Generations of her kind came into this world
One, two, three, four to hundreds on the wind set flight
Once all eight legs touched the ground
With the rhythm of the wind
mixed with earths great sounds

Spiders were natural born dancers
Eight legs working, bouncing with rhythm and grace
Making homes for a family
catching a meal without hast

If you dare...just after dark
Follow your ear to the deepest corner of rural life or city shed
You might find a grand party
But if there is no signs of dancing, laughter or bright yellow suits

Then it cannot be... A Spiders Ball!

E, 2000 © all rights are owned by the author, and is waiting to be published as a children book, so please do not copy or duplicate this piece under any circumstances

My daughter Anelisa and I wrote this together. She was a great lover of any life that was created and roamed this world, and the first thing she would ask is "Do you have any pets, and what kind...".


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like my last trip to Sao Paulo... strange... I liked it... the trip and the poem...

Anonymous said...

I really liked the spider poem. Why did the spider have clothes and why did all of the animals have clothes? Thank you! Hannah

Hannah's picture ideas:

animals playing musical instruments
all the animal characters waiting in line
all the animal characters one by one
Mama spider and baby spiders
All the animals dancing at the ball
All the spiders dancing at the ball

Gordon said...

A little less complicated and not nearly as serious:
Wife Black Widows take an hour-glass to bed.
Husband Black Widows don't need one. They're dead.
Copyright - Gordon Hand