Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Freedom (A Poem For Aaron)

Once there were screams of terror as I left you behind
When returning tears of joy greeted us

You ran and sometimes fell, I helped you get up
And we ran together, know you have helped me get back up

Jokes rang out, yours so silly, mine sometimes mean
But we both still laugh, and your wit matured

I embraced a little boy, blonde hair, big smiles
You embraced my teachings, and now I smile

I taught you to love, hug, to easily say your thoughts
Your son will learn that a man can be soft

We walked the valley of death together, and cried
She watches as we both continue that walk

Together we win and loose a few battles
Together we are stronger than apart

Today we woke up and felt freedom
And that freedom feels good.

© E Stelling, 1/09

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