Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frogs & Roses ~ Chapter II

Illustration by Gen @ GensBlogiddyblog

For Hannah...

Frogs & Roses, Chapter I Contd: Test quickly but sadly hopped back to the pond to tell his siblings about what he had discovered...(stay tuned for the adventures of Test the bullfrog as he wonders off towards the field of flowers for another tasty bite of lunch...) Well, in the beginning of the story we learn about how a family of frogs live amongst the pond that has a rather large tree hovering over it. Test is the oldest of his other frog siblings and has discovered there is more to eat than just insects...

After his mother tucked him and his siblings into bed Test began to tell his sisters and brothers about his new discoveries. They did not seem as interested as he had hoped, but told him that their parents said they were not allowed to stray further than their own home entry or the pond. They warned him that he was a fool and would become prey to other animals as his father had also warned him, so he lay there thinking about the pink tulip he had tasted earlier in the day. Thinking about its silky leaves, how they tasted, and about how they were sweet and tart all in the same bite. As he drifted off to sleep he began to see visions of the cluster of color just beyond the field and pond. His home was a safe haven. Test yearned to go further out, but his parents forbid it until he grew larger and could start a family of his own.

That morning out on the lily pads during breakfast he asked his father about the snake creature that had moved into his neighborhood. "One day Test you will be able to defend yourself, so for now stay away from them" his father told him. "Snakes, um yum yum" his father began to mutter to himself. "Chester" his mother called out to his father, "We are missing a few little ones, and I need your help over here" she ranted on. Test took this opportunity to hop off to the tree roots again and see if the old owl was around. He had questions about the snakes, but knew his father would not have anymore of his curiosity for the moment.

The old owl had been in the tree, but Test noticed he flew off out towards the field. He climbed up as high as he could to see where the bird was going. The day was a beautiful sunny, but windy afternoon. Test could see the grass leaning with the wind. He saw the old owl land in another tree that was very far, but sat upon the top of a great hill. Shadows of dark and light moved across the field and Test thought at great length about what this could be. He could not see above the limbs and leaves of the otter branches, so he did not know that it was light fluffy clouds moving way up in the sky.

Suddenly the sun shined the brightest and he noticed a patch of color just off to the left of the great tree that old Mr. Owl had landed in. A lough croak came out of his throat as he began to become excited. "Oh how I would so like to taste that color" he thought to himself. He could hear his mother calling out his name, and he knew if he did not go soon he would be in big trouble. Off Tester hopped back to the pond for their afternoon naps and sunbathing upon the lily pads. His mother and father would quietly sing them all to sleep. To most humans and other animals it all just sounded like a unique blend of croaking noises, but to the frogs it was a ballad of the most beautiful noise.

Later that afternoon one of the parent snakes had slithered into the pond and tried to see if they could catch one of the baby frogs for a snack. Daddy Chester was on to her and decided that it was time for Tester to see what they were all about. Without much notice he pounced on the female snake and Test watched with much curiosity. "This will teach you to try and get past my watchful eyes" his father told the female. "Please kind sir do not eat me, for I have many babies to care for back in my den" the female snake told his father. "We cannot have you trying your slithery tricks around here my dear" and he quickly ate the female. "But father" Tester pleaded with his father, "Why do you have to eat her"? His father told him that they eat snakes that roam around the water. He also shared that there were many other snakes out in the world that would easily eat him if he was not careful. Those snakes live out away from the pond, and are much larger he explained to Tester. "Be careful son and do not go to far out from the pond area, because I might not be able to save you next time" Chester told his first born.

Tester still had the patch of color on his mind all afternoon, but was disturbed at what he had just witnessed. How can such cruel things go on when there is so much beauty in this landscape he thought. When he found the right moment he was going to sneak off and go investigate the color, but he wanted to speak to the old Mr. Owl before he made his journey. His father had warned him not to venture off after dark, because that is when the snakes are more active around the pond, so he decided he would go back to the tree roots after his morning breakfast and sunning tomorrow. Test would learn as much as he could about the field life and what exactly was that new color he had seen. He was growing much bigger and his appetite was as well...

(I know you might have thought Tester would have made his way to the field by now, but he was smart enough to heed his father's warnings, and wanted to gather as much information as he could. Once he talks to the wise old Mr. Owl in the morning, he will begin his journey to the patch of color...we must have patience sometimes to become keen on what mysteries lay ahead in our journey's of life...)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost at Sea

I am posting a blog tomorrow about a soup I just made on my 'Behind The Wheel Chef'...and it ties into the old nursery rhyme 'Three Men In A Tub', but then this came steaming out into my own ocean of creative thought, becoming a poem...

CookAppeal Maker
, E Stelling, 3/2/09

Lost on an ocean, a sea of green…
No sails.
No compass.
No direction.
Alone with only your thoughts,
Adrift on salty concoctions;
Add some passing fish
Make a paddle from drift
Stir up some friends
Throw in a bed of self discovery & personal growth
Healthy taste of what’s to come, and
You have cooked up;
A great big bowl of Yum!

There is a contest that you can enter using food you eat to spell out things...

If you want to enter this contest with Tangled Noodle...

To participate:

1. 'Write or spell' using food or drink and create a blog post about it until midnight on Friday, March 6th. Any previous blog posts you already have where you've created a 'written'-inspired dish or drink will be accepted.

2. Blog about your creation, including photos, and add a link back to Savor the Thyme (http://savorthethyme.blogspot.com) and Tangled Noodle (http://tanglednoodle.blogspot.com).

3. Send an e-mail titled 'Eating Your Words' to eatingyourwords09@cox.net with the following information:
  • Your name
  • The name of your blog
  • The name of your dish or drink
  • Your food blog name and the link to your entry, including pictures, by midnight March 6, 2009
You can still participate even if you don't have a blog at all. Simply e-mail the above information minus the blog details and we'll include it in the round up.

4. Please keep it clean! Appropriate humor is always welcome.