Monday, December 29, 2008

Grey Sky- Broken Timber


Magina father drove up the long and winding highway past patches of empty forestall spaces. They are noticeably grey from sun exposure and harsh weather of the Pacific North West. All along the river and inlet roads you can see broken timber washed up on the edges of the shore. Timber that has been cut and hauled away by her people for decades. Before the land was taken away by the white man and given their jobs to remove the sacred trees from its ground. She looked up at the mountains and its landscape dotted with green trees. Each curve of the road make it seem like they are pointing over as if women of era’s past long unrevealed skirts bow gracefully to their dancing partners at an all night ball.

She has not spoken a word to her father this whole trip back home. Her mind is searching for words to tell him and her family that she is leaving for New York in less than two weeks. Magina has enrolled in college, with no plans of being involved with the family business. She had read many books on other parts of North America and always dreamed of leaving this dreary life. The forest and rivers of her Chinook people in Washington State, and its endless grey skies. She felt that it was as if she was not even part of the Native American Indian culture here, and as if she was dropped off at the door step of Miller and Aylen Sun Hawk.

Like many young adults her age, she was not sure what life was waiting out there on the shores of the east coast. Magina did know that the only thing that might ever bring her back here would be if New York fell off into the Atlantic, and what are the chances of that happening.

My story takes place in Washington State, and involves Native American culture and life on the Pacific Northwest. It is about a young girls adventures away from her family and the hardships that await us out there...

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